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Russell Ronat

The loss of many species of wildlife is a crisis. I create my work to show the beauty of wild animals that are in peril. My hope is Project Holocene speaks clearly about the importance of conservation.

Russell Ronat


Project creator and artist Russell Ronat is originally from South Africa. He is a Denver based contemporary artist and the creator of Project Holocene. It is his goal to draw and paint many endangered animals and show the beauty and fragility of many species in his drawings, illuminated paintings and video work.

All of his final drawings on paper or canvas are created with many different marks, layers and textures. His current work also includes large painted prints on fabric of endangered species. These prints are illuminated with backlighting and often displayed outdoors. A large variety of endangered species are represented in the exhibit. The artist also creates projection work that shows the progression of a painting moving and coming into creation.
He has partnered with conservation charities around the world to bring attention and funding to wildlife issues. These charity events include exhibits at: National Geographic Encounter in NYC, Glasshouse Museum to benefit the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie Australia, Art Basel to benefit Global Wildlife Conservation, Bonobo Conservation Initiative in Washington Square, NYC and the RiNo Art District exhibit in Denver, Colorado in support of the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund.

An established, contemporary mixed media artist, Ronat is driven to use art as a tool to ensure conservation. His work has been seen at museums, zoos and public space exhibitions. This includes recent featured exhibits at: Georgia Aquarium, San Antonio Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul Korea, National Taiwan Science Education Center, amongst others.
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