Project Holocene has been on featured 3 month display at the Birmingham Zoo, the Phoenix Zoo, The American Rhino Foundation, The Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden, The National Taiwan Science Education Museum and The Savina Museum of Contemporary art.  Additional exhibits at National Geographic Encounter in NYC and the Glasshouse Museum to benefit the Koala Hospital, Art Basel to benefit Global Wildlife Conservation and Bonobo Conservation Initiative.  The project has been featured in over 75 media stories in the US, Asia and Australia. 

Hosting Information for venues:

  • Select from over 50 original, contemporary works of endangered animals

  • A wide variety of endangered insects, birds, reptiles, aquatic creatures and mammals are represented in the project

  • Video projection art showing the drawings in creation on select pieces

  • An interactive mural display for zoos and children’s science museums 

  • The show can be customised by content and display to fit the space and desired exhibit requirements

  • Scientific, curated information for all works is available

  • Both original works and prints are available for exhibition

  • Exhibit merchandise is available

  • Exhibition duration: Up to 3 months