We are currently in the 6th mass extinction also known as the Holocene Extinction. Biologists believe that in eighty years, half of the species on earth will be extinct. 

There are many animals that are under threat.  Habitat loss, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, are some of the issues that have to be overcome.

It is the goal of the project to use art as a tool to bring understanding to conservation issues. 

Art has a unique role in building empathy and encouraging an understanding of the threats that each animal represented faces.

A wide variety of endangered insects, birds, reptiles, aquatic creatures and mammals are represented in the project.

The project aims to inspire the conservation and biodiversity of wild animals.

Project creator and artist:  Russell Ronat is a New York based contemporary artist and the creator of Project Holocene. This is a selection of large mixed media drawings of endangered animals and includes projected video of the drawings in creation. It is his goal to draw and paint many endangered animals and show the beauty and fragility of many species in his drawings and video work.  An established, contemporary mixed media artist, Ronat is driven to use art as a tool to ensure conservation.