Project Holocene started with a single drawing of a giraffe.  I had a reference image and watched videos of giraffes to try and get a feel for the movement, contours and energy of the animal.  In my research I discovered that the numbers of giraffe, left in the wild, has plummeted. The creation of the drawing led the way to my deeper understanding of the current extinction of many wild animals. 

I decided to create large drawings of all of the endangered animals, and this was the start of Project Holocene.

We are currently in the 6th mass extinction also known as the Holocene Extinction. This is the extinction caused by human activities on the planet. Biologists believe that in eighty years, half of the species on earth will be extinct. 

There are many animals that are under threat.  Habitat loss, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, are some of the issues that have to be overcome.

It is my goal to study and then create the energy of the animal on paper or canvas. I work in many layers with a variety of materials.  

Project Holocene is also a collaboration. The drawings are projected on the buildings or architecture in different places around the world, and photographed.  

It is my hope that my drawings can remind the viewer of the beauty and fragility of each of these animals.

It is the goal of the project to play a part in inspiring the change that is needed to ensure conservation.


Russ Ronat

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